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Why (And When) You Should Not Make Your Product/Website The Prettiest

You can try and make your company’s website fancy, along with its’ whole brand, the visual direction, the logo and

Disruption Is Good, But Not Stable.

Startups are cool and disruptive. Youngsters flock to products like Revolut, Monzo etc. and say “finally, someone understands me!” Then

Do We Really Need Yet Another Font Out There?

Do we really need yet another font out there? That’s what I told myself as soon as I realised how

Which One Is You And What Does That Tell About Your SaaS Company?

Round rectangles You’re friendly and you’re looking to make people aware of the fact that it’s easy, modern and maybe

How Do You Show Everything That You Do As A Company?

Once you’re past a certain stage in a SaaS company’s life, you might have multiple products that you’re offering. The

Can SaaS Companies Learn Anything From The Soap Aisle In A Supermarket?

If you go to the soap aisle in your supermarket, you’ll notice a certain type of product: a soap that’s

Does Your SaaS Behave This Way Or Is It Losing The Opportunity?

It’s been some time since we haven’t spoken about positioning and speech for SaaS companies. We’ve been talking about selectivity

Don’t Do This When Naming Your SaaS Company

This piece was written around 2 months ago on how to find the best name for your Saas. One quick

How To Handle Objections As A SaaS Company

Being aware of your users’ objections (especially if they’re not paying users yet) goes a long way. Mind you, the

One Better Way To Grab People’s Attention On A SaaS Website

Here’s one thing to be added to the pile of articles regarding the headline on your SaaS’s website. Simply say

SaaS Branding Is Perfectly Fine As Long As This Still Exists

Some people believe branding for SaaS companies is dead — it doesn’t matter at all in today’s world. All that

How To Plan A Highly-Converting SaaS Website For Free

“I need a new website because I’d love that clean look” or “I want a new website as we need