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You Will Want To Grow Things Slowly — Whether It’s A Company Or Your Body

You want to grow things slowly. People want to attain their ideal body after 3 months of going gym. Or

Once You Get Funded, Are You Expanding Or Perfecting Your Product?

This is an interesting vulnerability when it comes to raising funds. I’ve mentioned the other day how once your idea

The Battle For Collaboration Tools (Or Extensions)

Dropbox changed their direction (or at least their offering) a couple of months ago — they’re going more into team

Once Your Idea Is Funded, You’re Exposing Yourself

If you’re receiving big amounts of funding, you have a responsibility to expand into as many markets as possible ASAP.

What You Need To Keep In Mind When Building An Elegant Solution

You don’t need to make it as complicated as possible. Yes, sometimes problems are complicated — and they need complex

“Yes But If Google Notices Your Company, They Will Simply Beat You To It” – No

“Yes, very cool idea. But if Google/Microsoft or (insert any other big company’s name here) see that you’re doing well,

A Startup Product Should Scale Like A Rebellion

If you want to start a revolution, you will not simply go out in the public square and shout your

What SaaS Companies Can Learn From Franchisees

Your business is as good as a rating on a scale from 0 to 1. That’s the core of it.

A Startup Married To A Media Company — A Match Made In Heaven

Media companies withhold the attention of the people. They focus on whatever makes the eyeballs turn into their direction. That’s

There Are Different Types Of Scale And You Might Pick The Wrong One

Media companies “scale” their way by hiring more people to write articles/news/whatnot. I use scale in quotation marks as it’s

Spotify’s Freemium Meant Good Business Sense

Spotify was in a tough situation. They entered a market where freemium was not only the modus operandi — read:

“I Don’t Have Enough Users, Thus My Product Is Not Ready” — How To Solve The Catch-22

You know the usual catch-22 of some products — not all of them though. “This social network of mine would