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How Be Unique As A Tech Company

Today’s Easter Sunday, celebrated by Catholic Christians. It’s a celebration, an event that’s expected to happen. In some cultures, gifts

How To Tell Lies (And The Truth) As A SaaS Company — Marketing

Seth Godin wrote this today: —— “Some people say that marketing doesn’t work on them. That all they want is

What Basecamp And Nespresso Have In Common. And What We Can Learn From Both.

Nespresso made a business out of making coffee easier. They managed to make them pill-size. Put your Nespresso pill into

Here’s How You Should Talk About Your SaaS Product

Which one of two would you prefer? “Fixing your watch” or “screwdriver”? Which one of them makes you spend more

Tech Founders, Will You Please Pay Respect To This?

You need to pay more respect. Respect towards the place/platform. On LinkedIn 1-2 liners work tremendously. People write motivational ideas

The Most Important Thing To Look Out For As A SaaS

Working on the reputation of a product never translated to more digits in ARR — until now. Word of mouth

Why SaaS Companies And Startups Should Stop Focusing On Metrics Sometimes.

Sometimes, your competition is just better. They might be doing better. That’s okay, you’ve got a long way to beat

The Actual Reason Why First Mover’s Advantage Doesn’t Exist Anymore.

Keeping users’ thoughts about leaving your SaaS at bay. That, and giving them another user to invite their friends. We’ve

How To Convert SaaS Customer For The Long-Term — Types Of SaaS Conversions

Let’s talk SaaS conversions. More importantly, how to increase conversions and, thus, revenue. You know, the favourite topic: the moment

Don’t Let Your User Think.

If your product anticipates every single need your users might have, it’ll lead them to think out loud (in front of

How To Get More Personal With Your Users As A Tech Company: The “Tailored Web Design” Concept

Reducing the number of users who unsubscribe? Therefore decreasing lost revenue? Yes please. —— Yesterday’s article was about traditional marketing

Some Rules Don’t Apply To SaaS Companies

We might be tempted to think that the website of a SaaS product has one purpose: to convert. We’re being