How To Onboard Users By Offering A Demo+Sign-Up Process Together

Slack onboards people by having them go through 2 or 3 short pages and then they put them straight into their chat.

Their onboarding process involves people already using their product. As a consequence of that, they’re very loved in this regard and given as an example.

The alternative one has got, since not everyone is building an enterprise chat, is to put people straight into your product, offering them that core value ASAP.

By doing so, you’re engaging in a fair exchange. You put your tools available for these people who didn’t tell you anything about themselves, thus they get the chance to explore what it is about.

Think of it as a demo. It’s only that at the end of the demo, they’re halfway through into starting.

What’s the “fair trade”? To save it, the user has to sign up. A fair deal on both sides — plus you get people hooked faster.

What would be an example? Say if you’re doing a website builder, maybe let them play with the basics and once they’re done, they will have to save it. But to save it they need to enter their data.

Warning: this works only with freemium products. If you’re hitting people with a paywall when they want to save, it will backlash.

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