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One of my theses that will probably age like fine wine: over years, it’ll become more and more of a point towards which I’ll point.

My intent behind creating Chagency.

The mindset that multiple successful tech companies CEOs agreed with.

“Do things that don’t scale” says Paul Graham. But how do you know which unscalable things to do?

Meaning? Work? CEO? All three must be combined. Here’s how.

Where society is headed and how to make sure you’re the right track.

The mindset behind following up. And how to avoid having to do it.

The first article that I keep pointing towards — the Bible definition of experiences.

Long-term mindset means “Okay dear user, I’ll help you even when it comes to unsubscribing”.

A common mistake I see tech CEOs do, guided by designers.

A core principle of elegance.