Dear CEOs, Here’s What’s Better Than Money And The Epitome Of Elegance

The bible survived to today’s society ever since 6 B.C. That’s roughly 2600 years ago more or less. It’s hard to comprehend a millennium, more so 2 and a half.

Despite that, we call the period of time “Iron Age”. We’ve got this virtual concept that we call “story” exist and survive across eons and ages. It might have been a stretch to call that period “The Bible Age” and I understand why. Still, the book lasted longer than iron in some cases.

Somehow, it managed to last longer than a lot of empires, some civilisations, their kingdoms, castles and structures. And you don’t have to be religious to know this, it’s strictly human knowledge at this point in time.

If they managed to do it…

You can too.

Especially since it’s been a work in progress. It’s been updated to the point where it got to a collection of books. Not only that, the most important update meant a book in itself that produced a separation within the structure of the book. The reason for that was better organisation. I’m talking about the old testament and the new testament.

It’s been made by humans. No better than you. If anything, the odds are on your side — they didn’t have Twitter to ask opinions. Hell, they probably didn’t have the luxury of food that we have today. They missed a lot of stuff that we’ve got right now. Not only what I’ve mentioned but also biologically.

So here’s the news: you can do it too. My intuition says it’s a matter of long-term thinking and your opinions on the word “legacy”.

I find legacy one of the most important words. Whether the Bible impacted the world positively or negatively — I don’t know and I’m not religious myself. A lot of people say it did positively. And I’m inclined to say that I agree if I keep in mind the fact that it survived for such a long time.

What we can look at

I’m aware I’m treading on thin ice whilst talking about religion — I don’t want to go that way. I want to point out the fact that people have managed to build on top of a book for almost 3 millennia. It wasn’t a business, though it is one of the most successful marketing campaigns.

Here’s the thing: if this was possible, it means that a legacy lasting a few decades should be possible as well.

Personal preference

It’s what I’m building chagency for — but that will be covered in another post. Legacy.

I’ve always admired family businesses and moreso the very big ones: Walt Disney, LVMH, Walmart. The favourite one is by far Hermès.

And the reason for that is not their high price points for luxury items or any materialist reason. More of a spiritual/virtual one.  

They’ve been family-owned for 6 generations and I think that’s something absolutely impressive and the epitome of elegance. Today’s CEO Axel Dumas claims that “usually it stops at the third generation”.

Can you imagine your great-great-great-granddaughter/son leading the company you’ve founded?

I’ve chosen the typography (font) called Memphis the moment I saw it fitting chagency’s logo. Love at first sight. Didn’t know why but it felt extremely right — the kind of feeling one gets when major things have to happen. I’ve had this before and it made me take the most important decisions in my life — they turned out well. Therefore, there was no room for doubting this feeling in regards to the logo.

Months later it hit me — I saw Hermès’ logo and noticed it’s the same typography. Most probably it happened subconsciously. I was extremely happy to know I paid homage to something I truthfully respect.

The line that’s extending past the last letters has a hidden message. It’s the letter L tilted — you’ve guessed it, stands for legacy.

We’ve started talking about the Bible and I got to myself. What can you get out of this?

The story about chagency will be told by me over and over again. What about today?

I think a lot of tech CEOs have their mind on the exit, the way they’re going to sell the company and what happens in-between. Somehow, the company is just a means to an end.

But I also know you, the reader, is not “a lot of tech CEOs”. I’m standing here to vouch for more long-term companies and more marathon-running CEOs. Maybe, if you are to take my word close to your heart, a marathon whose end you’ll never see. A marathon whose finish line is beyond your death.

Sure, having money is cool. But once you get past that, there’s more to life than just having and spending money. I’d say it’s about helping people around you and then extending — first yourself, then the family, friends, neighbours, individuals in your community and then people you don’t even get to know.

I’m advocating for more CEOs/leaders/entrepreneurs who are impacting the world beyond market cap and net worth. Not everyone has to have the vision of a family-owned business through generations — it’s something excruciatingly hard if you think about it. Why the hell would the 6th generation offspring care about the company?

And more importantly, how do you make sure there’s not a poisonous amount of snobism in her that will generate a humongous ego?

As I was saying, that’s not the aim for everyone. But the aim can be a more long-term vision regarding the human species. Why?

Remember those moments when something bad happens and you say “Damn, I wish I’d have taken measures beforehand… It would’ve been less painful now”. Say an incident which insurance did not cover. You wish you’d have taken the next option which would have covered it.

Why advance the human species? Because one day surely we’ll compare it to another one.

But until that point, we have today…

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