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I thought I was obsessed with money. I’m obsessed with another weird metric.

I thought I was obsessed with money. Or company valuations, or profit figures or whatever. My first reaction used to

Acting Like A Big Company When You Shouldn’t

People are drawn to do one mistake which maybe makes sense on paper but not really: acting like a big

What’s The Currency Of Startups? What Gives Startups Their Value?

Some of us agree that money shouldn’t be the leading indicator of how good your life is. Most people chase

How To Find Your Mission As A SaaS Company – Part 2

Continuing yesterday’s article thread, I believe running a mission-driven company also has an impact on the personal level. If you’re

Why Is It About The Journey, Not The Destination?

You hear that “life’s about enjoying little things”. Another variation of that is that you should be grateful for the