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Undercutting Competitors Can Lead To More Profit — Here’s How

On competition: if someone can cut you out from a deal by offering what you give, but for free —

Don’t Do This When Naming Your SaaS Company

This piece was written around 2 months ago on how to find the best name for your Saas. One quick

The Future Of Branding

I want to expand a bit more on yesterday’s written piece. Let me go through the time-machine again. Advertising came

The Future Of Marketing: Communities Are Coming, Ads Are Left Behind

Before, we only had word of mouth. Until 100 years ago, you couldn’t say “brand did not exist”. It did,

How/When Should A SaaS Product Pivot?

YouTube started as a dating website — they just brushed the idea off after no one uploaded a video after

Why There Are Two Types Of SaaS Founders

Being a science-oriented founder and focusing all the time on the functional aspect of your product might be harmful. Yes,

The Right Mindset When It Comes To SaaS Growth In The Early Days

You can’t be the best at everything so you might as well go for doing the things that you’re best

How Complex Should Your SaaS Product Be?

Facebook built an enormous ad machine. It’s hard to grasp it without ever using it once and even if you’d

More About Why The Name Of Your Company Doesn’t Matter In 99.99% Of The Cases

I wrote before about how one can choose the name for their SaaS company: One of the ideas, in a

How To Get More Leads As A SaaS Company Without Spending Money

Got this question the other day and since it was a private message, I went for a surface-level-explanation. Here’s how

You Definitely Can Teach The World Something.

Nobody knows everything. No CEO, no CMO, no CFO or any C-suite exec. And assuming they do, they definitely forget

A Common Mistake That Costs SaaS Companies $1,000,000 Or More. And How To Avoid It (A Follow-Up)

This is for people who have read yesterday’s piece and are at an earlier stage through their SaaS company. As