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How To Find The Best Name For Your SaaS Company

You know that feeling: what freaking name should I give my SaaS company? You probably want a name that will:

How To Manage “If Only I Had The Time” Problem As A CEO

So much to do, so little time. It’s like this all the time past a certain point and we better

How (And When) To Overthink And Move Fast As A SaaS Founder

The reason why disruption happens or why big companies fall and newcomers and break through is simple. Simple but definitely

How To Capture A Market By Putting Yourself In The Middle — From Uber To Streaming Services

On top of yesterday’s idea, I wanted to drop my cents on something I kept on mentioning on LinkedIn or

Want To Gain More Trust As A Tech Company? Sell More Time For The Same Price

I saw the other day a comment saying “I don’t want to have anything to do with Cloudflare since they’re

How Do You Know You’ve Made A Successful Platform? Like This.

There’s no such thing as SMSEO — social media search engine optimization. There is, actually, I’ve googled it. But it’s

Here’s How A B2B SaaS Can Become More Profitable

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned there’s a second way to shift how your website helps your SaaS product’s sales.

When Monthly Recurring Revenue Figures Are Going Down, Product Utility Is Going Up.

There are economic cycles. They are either upward or downward. We’ve been in “upward mode” for quite some time as

The Actual Reason Why First Mover’s Advantage Doesn’t Exist Anymore.

Keeping users’ thoughts about leaving your SaaS at bay. That, and giving them another user to invite their friends. We’ve

Some Rules Don’t Apply To SaaS Companies

We might be tempted to think that the website of a SaaS product has one purpose: to convert. We’re being

Vanity Metrics Are Glitter. Real Numbers Are Gold. Which One Do You Show?

SaaS CEOs, Numbers, numbers, numbers. Numbers don’t lie, only people do. Therefore, we like looking at numbers as they tell

6 Important Examples For Tech Companies: How Self-Selective Speech Can Breed A New Product

I have these series of posts where I stand for putting out self-selective language when communicating to your users. To