Looking The Next Disruption? This Concept, Applied To Every Other Industry

You see these “hop on and off” vehicles startups popping out. Lime, Bird, Uber’s JUMP etc.

Moreover, this concept is expanded as well when it comes to cars, not just small vehicles. If Lime has bikes and scooters, Car2Go or ZipCar allow you to rent a car and drop it off wherever you’ve finished your business.

The future is this: co-ownership. And it’s not something that’s about to come — rather it’s something that has been here for the last couple of years.

It’s only that now, with all the technological advancements, this concept is facilitated in multiple areas (such as scooter or car rental).

Let’s assume we sit down and do the math. We might find out that renting a Uber JUMP bike every day for … 1 year? 2 years, maybe? Renting a bike every day for a certain amount of time is more expensive than buying one to begin with.

For a lot of people though, that doesn’t matter. Unless the “buyback period” is 3 months or something really short, it doesn’t matter.

The convenience of not owning, not having to deal with the repairs or the headaches of ownership in general, is more precious than the added value they might be paying.

The convenience of not occupying space in their house, or not having to worry about having it stolen, is more precious than the extra value they’re paying after those 2 years.

That, is the future. We’ve seen it already in real estate, we’re seeing it now in vehicle ownership — but it’s up to you.

It’s up to you to pick the next sector in which centralised co-ownership needs to exist.

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