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How To Handle “Perfection” As A Company

A car is never working “properly”. Every moment, a certain part is not necessarily broken, but not in perfect condition.

Once You Get Funded, Are You Expanding Or Perfecting Your Product?

This is an interesting vulnerability when it comes to raising funds. I’ve mentioned the other day how once your idea

Pick An Industry Where An Imbalance Happens: Like The Olympics

The game can be boiled down to this: 1. Pick a place where an imbalance happens. The disadvantaged people won’t

It’s Never Been Easier Or Cheaper To Raise Capital, Ever

As much as I’m not personally a big fan of raising VC money for my projects, there’s been this thing

A Preview to “Do A Job As Deeply As You Possibly Can”

This is part of a longer piece that will be released soon. I’m uploading here an excerpt as a preview.

How Much Should I Sell My SaaS For?

This conversation sparked up on our SaaS subreddit, a community which I invite you to join. Someone asked the following:

How To Create A Company For A Reason Other Than Financial Gain

Galileo was on the verge of being killed because of his beliefs and we’ve somehow managed to uncover his thinking

What SaaS Companies Can Learn From Franchisees

Your business is as good as a rating on a scale from 0 to 1. That’s the core of it.

The Written Piece That May Not Make Sense At All. Plus Life Purpose For Entrepreneurs.

Aiming at creating something as big as Facebook/IG/Uber etc is cool. Most of us (founders) wouldn’t mind it. Some founders

How To Win In The 21st Century: As Much “Free” As Possible For As Long As Possible

Dear readers, I promised a couple of days ago I’ll link the new long-form written piece that I’ve put together,

A Startup Married To A Media Company — A Match Made In Heaven

Media companies withhold the attention of the people. They focus on whatever makes the eyeballs turn into their direction. That’s

A Reminder For Every CEO Out There

Today’s just a reminder. A reminder that, if funds allow it (and funds more often than not allow it), you