Pick An Industry Where An Imbalance Happens: Like The Olympics

The game can be boiled down to this:

1. Pick a place where an imbalance happens.

The disadvantaged people won’t be very loud all the time when it comes to complaining about the imbalance as it’s usually a system put in place and they have no other option.

But every now and then, either they will complain or others will show what, for the lack of a better word, looks like pity.

The example I’ll take in this article is the Olympics game — it’s a known fact that most of the athletes get paid very little and the situation is far from optimal: they dedicate their entire life and as soon as this career is over, we’re talking about a Pareto distribution when it comes to:

  • A. Those who can do something based on their past experience (5%)
  • B. Those who can’t (90%)

2. Redistribute the way that system works by adapting it to today’s technology

Medium redistributed the way writers get paid in a way that’s more fungible. Before, it was only the top writers that got paid for the attention they garnered.

Now, you can be paid as little as $0.01 if, in the system that Medium created, you generate that attention.

At the same time, you can be paid $13,577.33 for a single written piece, if you’re at the top of that hierarchy

How would it work with the Olympics? Simple (but not easy): move the attention that everyone devotes to the Olympics to a channel through which you can distribute the attention and attribute the financial reward properly.

You can do that through technology and, more importantly, there is opportunity in this area.

And I need to stress that: you can’t do this in every single place. Because Medium is doing this with blog writing, you might not have much to improve on top of what they’re doing…

… A) in 2019, at least. One day they’ll become the sleeping giant, if they become a giant in the first place.

… B) This applies for blog writing, but maybe you can do it in book publishing 😉One can go as far as he dreams (and as big as he dreams)

Why is there opportunity in this area?

Because there’s a big imbalance. And when there’s a lack of responsibility for a certain issue (like it is here — no one takes the responsibility of dealing properly with the athlete’s problems), that’s where opportunity (and financial gain, if that’s your north star) lies.

This idea will be explained in a long-form written piece I’m working on right now.

And truth be told, this very written piece must be adapted to a long-form one. Coming soon, then!

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