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How To Write Every Day For Your SaaS Product’s Users

If “you learn something new every day” — then you can write something every day. We anyways write every day.

SaaS Branding Is Perfectly Fine As Long As This Still Exists

Some people believe branding for SaaS companies is dead — it doesn’t matter at all in today’s world. All that

The Future Of Freemium: How To Get People’s Attention

This is absolutely for you if you’re selling something (product or service) and you want more users/clients. If you have

How To Make Your Product Stupidly Simple (And Profitable)

Having someone say “That’s so simple even I, not knowing anything, could have done it. Why are you paid so

Not Every Startup Should Pursue Overnight Success And Here’s Why

Facebook most likely didn’t need to advertise to show their product. And let’s assume they did have to, even though

Creating THIS For Your Users Yields A Golden Treasure

Audi paid a huge premium so that their car is displayed in the “top opening weekend grossing” movie of all

How To Tell Lies (And The Truth) As A SaaS Company — Marketing

Seth Godin wrote this today: —— “Some people say that marketing doesn’t work on them. That all they want is

What Basecamp And Nespresso Have In Common. And What We Can Learn From Both.

Nespresso made a business out of making coffee easier. They managed to make them pill-size. Put your Nespresso pill into

The Most Important Thing To Look Out For As A SaaS

Working on the reputation of a product never translated to more digits in ARR — until now. Word of mouth

Don’t Let Your User Think.

If your product anticipates every single need your users might have, it’ll lead them to think out loud (in front of

How To Get More Personal With Your Users As A Tech Company: The “Tailored Web Design” Concept

Reducing the number of users who unsubscribe? Therefore decreasing lost revenue? Yes please. —— Yesterday’s article was about traditional marketing

How To Make Your Product Spread Like A Virus. 7 Case Studies.

I wrote two days ago about a killer combination for SaaS companies. Something that reduces both user churn and customer