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A Well-Designed Experience In Inescapable For The Customers Of Your Saas Product.

People can be aware that there’s a layer of virtual value in what you offer and still pay that 500%

How To Successfully Charge At Least Double For The Same Product

Think books. Paperback or hardcover – roughly we can look at them that way. The latter is more expensive –

How To Work With Creatives Towards Business Goals — “Make It Pop”

I’ve mentioned a few months ago in an article and in yesterday’s written piece this idea: pretty is for concepts.

How Do You Define An Engaged SaaS User?

I was answering the question in the title and here’s what I had to say. I run an experiences design

Why Searches Are Elegantly Simplistic And What Goes Through Your User’s Mind

Today is about searches. A bit of design and a bit of philosophy. When searching for something, you’d rather have

How To Design A Physical Location’s Experience

I’ve just came back from my Sunday walk. I’ve been to the shop which you might have heard of. They’re

How Tech Companies Evoke Feelings — Part 2: Snapchat’s Social Effect

As promised yesterday, the saga idea starts as of now. I was saying I’ll pick older articles of mine and continue

What Makes Or Breaks The Long-Term State Of A Company

The experience can make it or break it. I’ve changed my barber recently, went to a new one. The job

LinkedIn Needs To Adapt To 2019 — One Important Thing That Needs To Be Fixed

Here’s something that I’ve encountered on LinkedIn that made me look at it with the stinky eye. Say you’re on

How Tech Companies Evoke Feelings

I was answering the following question: “What are customer retention techniques used by Facebook?” and the answer made sense for