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How Does A SaaS Company Measure User Churn? Hint: It’s Not Statistics

It’s not statistical — at least not pure statistics. This post is not one to give you the formula or

How Do You Define An Engaged SaaS User?

I was answering the question in the title and here’s what I had to say. I run an experiences design

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Today is about searches. A bit of design and a bit of philosophy. When searching for something, you’d rather have

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Based on the foundation of yesterday’s article, I’d like to take the narrative even further. There’s the phenomenon called the

Don’t Hold Your Customers Hostages. Facilitate Their Exit

I can’t know how much of a fan you are of online shopping but I do know about an aspect of

How To Convert A Free User To A Premium User — Part 2. Reactions.

Yesterday’s article was one of my best pieces so far — or so it feels, at least. If you didn’t

How To Convert A Free User To A Premium User

I was answering the question “What are the strategies to convert a free user to a premium user for a

What SaaS Companies Can Learn From The Wine Industry

Pre Scriptum: I’ve stated before that because one S in SaaS stands for service, let’s move our attention to what

How Tech Companies Evoke Feelings — Part 2: Snapchat’s Social Effect

As promised yesterday, the saga idea starts as of now. I was saying I’ll pick older articles of mine and continue

LinkedIn Needs To Adapt To 2019 — One Important Thing That Needs To Be Fixed

Here’s something that I’ve encountered on LinkedIn that made me look at it with the stinky eye. Say you’re on