You Will Want To Grow Things Slowly — Whether It’s A Company Or Your Body

You want to grow things slowly.

People want to attain their ideal body after 3 months of going gym. Or 6 or 8. Some manage to do that — and then they slide back into their old shape.

Why? Habits, that’s why. If you successfully impose tyranny upon yourself, which you can do for a short period of time, chances are you’ll attain that ideal body.

But your old habits don’t get replaced if you impose tyranny. Because the other side of the tyranny coin is perversion — you’ll go crazy on sweets/bread/etc at the end of this “6 months in which I’ll transform my body”.

Growing things slowly

I said earlier you want to grow things slowly because, if it takes you between 1 and 2 years to attain the ideal body, you know one thing for sure: that your habits have changed.

You’ve probably learned which carbs are good and which are not. You’ve probably started to see for yourself what happens when you have bad carbs — how tired you feel after eating a big meal with simple carbs.

You’ll learn for yourself why things are good, why things are bad — and more importantly, when to break the rules with your own thinking.

The body you’ll have as a result of a 2-year-transformation-period is there to stay. Even if you engage in “nutritional perversion” for two weeks.

In the “3 month transformation”, a two-week thing will get you to 0 — not because of the calories or what’s in your body. Rather, because of the mental impact.

What does this have to do with SaaS companies?

The same habits you get implanted in your brain will secure your growth in the same manner in a SaaS company.

Sure, go for the short-run. Raise your VC money with your sight on the exit. But stumble a little bit and you’re down.

Whereas on the other hand, if you’re in for the longer run — you’re there to stay. The habits you develop as a consequence of aiming for the longer-term, slower growth are there to stay.

Warren Buffet won’t fall tomorrow. He’s the product of 80+ years of the same habits.

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