Long time no see! SaaSPad.co + Guides.ai it is now!

Hey there, I haven’t written here for more than a year – maybe almost two years? I’m just coming back

I thought I was obsessed with money. I’m obsessed with another weird metric.

I thought I was obsessed with money. Or company valuations, or profit figures or whatever. My first reaction used to

No More Daily Writing!

It’s been 9 months since I started writing daily. Every day, usually in the morning, I’d sit down in front

Acting Like A Big Company When You Shouldn’t

People are drawn to do one mistake which maybe makes sense on paper but not really: acting like a big

No, Problems Don’t Get Solved On Their Own

Problems never ever “get solved on their own if you leave/ignore them”. On the very few, very rare instances —

Ever Got Bothered By A Lost Partnerships/Collaboration? This Is For You.

One of the words that are part of the definition of a business is “entity”. We call it a separate

What The Future Needs From You

Whatever’s hard to do today — will be easier to do at a later point. Setting up an e-commerce store

An Innovative Way To Get Bought: Make Your Company “Annoying” Enough

Here’s a tactic that I’ve seen going on around — and you’ve known an example I’ll list. Making yourself “annoying”

Why (And When) You Should Not Make Your Product/Website The Prettiest

You can try and make your company’s website fancy, along with its’ whole brand, the visual direction, the logo and

Not All Audiences Of Users Are Equal

The biggest number of possible users is not what you need. At least not all the time. Yes, Facebook, Instagram,

Infinite Scale, Massive Profitability — Who’s Going To Be Next?

Last decade’s big winner in terms of a system that scales infinitely and is as profitable as possible was Google.

How To Influence A Beneficial Valuation Of Your Company

It’s likely you’ve heard Benjamin Graham’s famous quote In the short run, the market is a voting machine. In the long run,