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Once you’re past a certain stage in a SaaS company’s life, you might have multiple products that you’re offering. The

How To Be A Damn Good Investor

Every now and then there’s a new revolution: the new replaces the old because it’s better. We call them economic

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Slack onboards people by having them go through 2 or 3 short pages and then they put them straight into

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The Tumblr purchase is very likely to be the steal of this tech cycle. Instagram was surely the uncontested #1

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A car is never working “properly”. Every moment, a certain part is not necessarily broken, but not in perfect condition.

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Dropbox changed their direction (or at least their offering) a couple of months ago — they’re going more into team

Once Your Idea Is Funded, You’re Exposing Yourself

If you’re receiving big amounts of funding, you have a responsibility to expand into as many markets as possible ASAP.