No, Problems Don’t Get Solved On Their Own

Problems never ever “get solved on their own if you leave/ignore them”.

On the very few, very rare instances — but the math doesn’t make sense. It’s not worth ignoring problems hoping that they’ll get solved by themselves ever.

And while this may sound like life advice, it’s mainly targeted at SaaS/startup companies.

“Our user acquisition process is not very effective… but we’ll get the product right and then that’ll be solved”

“Our content marketing team is working hard, but no SEO seems to amount to anything at all… We’ll sort it out with more content”


At the opposite end of this spectrum is the following statement:

You can’t solve every problem now, as much as you’d like to do it.

And surely you’ve learned that for yourself in many different instances. It’s in our DNA to want to solve things ASAP… the sooner the better. That’s why we started a company — we wanted to solve this burning problem.

But most problem-solving takes time. And I wish you’ll have the patience of a farmer, instead of the focus of a hunter — so that you’ll have the power to see that some problems need time until you can even start to try and solve them.

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