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Why You Will Fail If You Go Straight For Your “World-Changing Idea”

Two days ago I’ve put out a preview to an unreleased long-form written piece. I’ve also promised I’ll release it

How To Build A “Winner Takes All” SaaS Product

When you look at the car industry, you’ve got options. From Vauxhall to Maybach and from Smart to Ferrari. The

There Are Different Types Of Scale And You Might Pick The Wrong One

Media companies “scale” their way by hiring more people to write articles/news/whatnot. I use scale in quotation marks as it’s

Slack And Discord: SaaS Positioning Lessons In The Best Form

Slack and Discord are, at their core level, the same product. They’re both an IRC solution adapted to today’s world,

“I Don’t Have Enough Users, Thus My Product Is Not Ready” — How To Solve The Catch-22

You know the usual catch-22 of some products — not all of them though. “This social network of mine would

Uber And Facebook Are The Same But Different. Here’s Why.

Network effects. They make the tech world spin around, in the pursuit of growth. Why? Easy: because CAC is halved

Create A Product Around What You Need? It Could Be The Worst Idea

I’ve got a window in my house. It’s a special window and that makes it valuable. But in the way

How To Properly Grow A SaaS Company For The Long Term

Yes, a logo or visual identity update won’t do as much for your company, when you’re just starting out. I’m

SaaS Products That Do This Will Stay In The Game For Longer

If your software product does one thing, it’s game set — whether it’s a SaaS, a mobile app or just

Does Your SaaS Behave This Way Or Is It Losing The Opportunity?

It’s been some time since we haven’t spoken about positioning and speech for SaaS companies. We’ve been talking about selectivity

Why Is Unscalable Work The Answer For SaaS Products?

SaaS product means “scale”. MailChimp, SalesForce, Dropbox or Adobe — all huge because of their scale. The thing is: that’s

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The SaaS Network Effect: Lessons from Slack’s IPO

Frequent readers of this blog will know about my obsession with the SaaS network effect. In truth, it’s an ideal