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Long time no see! + it is now!

Hey there, I haven’t written here for more than a year – maybe almost two years? I’m just coming back

Infinite Scale, Massive Profitability — Who’s Going To Be Next?

Last decade’s big winner in terms of a system that scales infinitely and is as profitable as possible was Google.

How To Find Yourself In A Position Where Big Corporations Bid For Your Company

I’ll bring up today a legend from the lore of the tech industry — if not, the most famous one.

Why Are There Industries Where Multiple Companies Are Doing The Same Thing?

When an industry is big, multiple startups that aim to disrupt the market can (and sometimes will, indefinitely) share the

Positive Feedback Loop

The more you’ve already won, the easier it is to keep on doing. After you’ve built a SaaS company, you

How To Handle “Perfection” As A Company

A car is never working “properly”. Every moment, a certain part is not necessarily broken, but not in perfect condition.

How To Become Profitable With Freemium Software Offerings

I’m a huge advocate of free. My most important piece is called “The Future Of Freemium”. My most viral piece

The Battle For Collaboration Tools (Or Extensions)

Dropbox changed their direction (or at least their offering) a couple of months ago — they’re going more into team

What You Need To Keep In Mind When Building An Elegant Solution

You don’t need to make it as complicated as possible. Yes, sometimes problems are complicated — and they need complex

“Yes But If Google Notices Your Company, They Will Simply Beat You To It” – No

“Yes, very cool idea. But if Google/Microsoft or (insert any other big company’s name here) see that you’re doing well,

It’s Never Been Easier Or Cheaper To Raise Capital, Ever

As much as I’m not personally a big fan of raising VC money for my projects, there’s been this thing

A Startup Product Should Scale Like A Rebellion

If you want to start a revolution, you will not simply go out in the public square and shout your