A Startup Product Should Scale Like A Rebellion

If you want to start a revolution, you will not simply go out in the public square and shout your plans. Not if it’s opposing the state in a very harsh-manner, at least.

No, you will start very slowly. One by one, you’ll “recruit” people into your little rebellion. You don’t want to grow too fast since by doing so you might compromise the whole operation.

Eventually, it will snowball. Sooner than you might know, from “little rebellion” now it’s becoming this bigger thing.

If we make the analogy of a revolution, it makes sense why going slow is the way to go. Things can go out of control very fast and very badly.

That’s a good comparison for doing unscalable work. If you go out randomly and shout your plans about whatever your product might do, either nothing or bad scenarios might come up:

  1. At best, no one will mind
  2. At worst, you’re challenging the status quo without any basis. And we know how much we ignore/disapprove of people who attack something without any basis
  3. You might draw unnecessary attention, since you’re probably looking to get only a certain kind of people into your rebellion/client base.

Doing it slowly makes sense, when we put it like this. Here’s the big but: doing the unscalable recruiting while having a scalable system in place.

Then the snowball effect can occur.

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