The Battle For Collaboration Tools (Or Extensions)

Dropbox changed their direction (or at least their offering) a couple of months ago — they’re going more into team collaboration, communication, etc.

Microsoft Teams matched Slack’s freemium version with a free tier of their own.

Workforce platforms like Fiverr and UpWork are integrating now, more than ever, tools and products for teams. Not only on the buyers’ side, but also on the seller’s (freelancers) side.

Now freelancers can mix and match into “Studios” on Fiverr.

What does this tell us? Since the network effect in enterprise has proven its heavy value, there’s a lot of competition on it.

But it’s not your usual competition. The battle is for the indirect competition — rather than having it centralised, most companies are building these solutions to decentralise it.

Maybe it’s worth doing it for your product as well. Or maybe it’s an uphill battle that’s not worth having.

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