What You Need To Keep In Mind When Building An Elegant Solution

You don’t need to make it as complicated as possible.

Yes, sometimes problems are complicated — and they need complex solutions.

But most of the time the good solutions are dealing with a complex problem, but they’re making it simpler.

Or, at least, they’re making it look simpler.

Intercom is no easy tool on the inside. You can do a plethora of things through them and even their pricing page is a tad bit confusing at a first glance — despite the fact that they’re one of the best in their game at making complicated things simple.

If the pricing page is a tad bit complicated and a good job was done there, imagine if they’d have missed the mark.

As I said, Intercom is not a simple tool once you’re on the inside. But on the outside, it looks like a very trivial thing — and not in the bad sense. I, user, chat with you, the company. It’s a little bubble in the lower right/left corner.

Job’s done.

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