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Long time no see! + it is now!

Hey there, I haven’t written here for more than a year – maybe almost two years? I’m just coming back

Not All Audiences Of Users Are Equal

The biggest number of possible users is not what you need. At least not all the time. Yes, Facebook, Instagram,

Infinite Scale, Massive Profitability — Who’s Going To Be Next?

Last decade’s big winner in terms of a system that scales infinitely and is as profitable as possible was Google.

How To Influence A Beneficial Valuation Of Your Company

It’s likely you’ve heard Benjamin Graham’s famous quote In the short run, the market is a voting machine. In the long run,

If You Break Down The $1T Companies, It Makes It Easier For You To Win

We have this tendency to look at all the tech giants — Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft etc. — and attribute

How To Find Yourself In A Position Where Big Corporations Bid For Your Company

I’ll bring up today a legend from the lore of the tech industry — if not, the most famous one.

Looking The Next Disruption? This Concept, Applied To Every Other Industry

You see these “hop on and off” vehicles startups popping out. Lime, Bird, Uber’s JUMP etc. Moreover, this concept is

Why Are There Industries Where Multiple Companies Are Doing The Same Thing?

When an industry is big, multiple startups that aim to disrupt the market can (and sometimes will, indefinitely) share the

Disruption Is Good, But Not Stable.

Startups are cool and disruptive. Youngsters flock to products like Revolut, Monzo etc. and say “finally, someone understands me!” Then

Which One Is You And What Does That Tell About Your SaaS Company?

Round rectangles You’re friendly and you’re looking to make people aware of the fact that it’s easy, modern and maybe

How Do You Show Everything That You Do As A Company?

Once you’re past a certain stage in a SaaS company’s life, you might have multiple products that you’re offering. The

You Will Want To Grow Things Slowly — Whether It’s A Company Or Your Body

You want to grow things slowly. People want to attain their ideal body after 3 months of going gym. Or