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How To Get More Leads As A SaaS Company Without Spending Money

Got this question the other day and since it was a private message, I went for a surface-level-explanation. Here’s how

Creating THIS For Your Users Yields A Golden Treasure

Audi paid a huge premium so that their car is displayed in the “top opening weekend grossing” movie of all

A Common Mistake That Costs SaaS Companies $1,000,000 Or More. And How To Avoid It (A Follow-Up)

This is for people who have read yesterday’s piece and are at an earlier stage through their SaaS company. As

A Common Mistake That Costs SaaS Companies $1,000,000 Or More. And How To Avoid It

When it comes to logos, there’s a culture to every industry/field. Corporate is usually blue. Nature/ecological/environmentally-aware companies are… green —

Why You Might Not Want The Network Effect For Your SaaS

Here’s a “side-effect” of the lock-in effect. Think Dropbox and their “invite 5 friends, you get extra space for free”.

How A SaaS Can Convert Free/Trial Users To Paying Customers: Part 2 (A Question)

Following yesterday’s article, a reader came up with this very good question. I’ll link the conversation below. Question: “My product

How To Find The Best Name For Your SaaS Company

You know that feeling: what freaking name should I give my SaaS company? You probably want a name that will:

How Be Unique As A Tech Company

Today’s Easter Sunday, celebrated by Catholic Christians. It’s a celebration, an event that’s expected to happen. In some cultures, gifts

How To Tell Lies (And The Truth) As A SaaS Company — Marketing

Seth Godin wrote this today: —— “Some people say that marketing doesn’t work on them. That all they want is

How To Capture A Market By Putting Yourself In The Middle — From Uber To Streaming Services

On top of yesterday’s idea, I wanted to drop my cents on something I kept on mentioning on LinkedIn or

What Basecamp And Nespresso Have In Common. And What We Can Learn From Both.

Nespresso made a business out of making coffee easier. They managed to make them pill-size. Put your Nespresso pill into

Want To Gain More Trust As A Tech Company? Sell More Time For The Same Price

I saw the other day a comment saying “I don’t want to have anything to do with Cloudflare since they’re