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How To Find The Best Name For Your SaaS Company

You know that feeling: what freaking name should I give my SaaS company? You probably want a name that will:

SaaS Is A Name That’s Explained For Dummies

We’ve learned amongst years of business experience that it’s not just about the value. It’s not necessarily who has the

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On a global scale, we’re drowning in information — and every day it gets “worse”. I wouldn’t call it “worse”

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Reminder + Simplicity = Lower User Churn Rates. People need to be reminded about your product’s value delivery package. Let’s

How To Transform A “Customer” Into A “Brand Evangelist” — It Can Cost Only A Couple Of Cents

If you don’t like gifts, don’t read this. But I don’t know who doesn’t like gifts, generally speaking. Every time

How To Work Meaningfully And Find Purpose As A Tech Company (And Maybe As A CEO)

How I think meaning in life is found What’s worth doing as a tech company Why losing yourself in your

Don’t Burn My Eyes. Mysterious Experiences. Dark Mode UI

Reducing user churn is a complex topic. Lately I’ve been focusing a lot on the concept-dreamy dimension of it but

Explain To Me As If I’m a Labrador (If You Want My Money).

When you’re part of a company, you work on whatever’s there daily — at least in theory. When you’ve founded

Why Searches Are Elegantly Simplistic And What Goes Through Your User’s Mind

Today is about searches. A bit of design and a bit of philosophy. When searching for something, you’d rather have

How Do You Follow-Up? I Wouldn’t. And Here’s Why.

I was answering this question that went like this “What is the best way to follow up after giving a

The “Board of Directors” Voice And Why It May Interfere With Your Mind

I’ve had this idea the other day — given that I plan writing every day, they’ll pile up. I think

Dear Tech CEO, Here’s What We Have To Learn From Sexy Cars

Cars are sexy. They’ve got these curves and angles that look slick and refined. They (usually) come in shiny colours