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Ever Got Bothered By A Lost Partnerships/Collaboration? This Is For You.

One of the words that are part of the definition of a business is “entity”. We call it a separate

“Yes But If Google Notices Your Company, They Will Simply Beat You To It” – No

“Yes, very cool idea. But if Google/Microsoft or (insert any other big company’s name here) see that you’re doing well,

No Startup Should Sell “Self-Surgery” Tools

People want the cure, not the scalpel. So if your product’s page headline says “Tool for X Y Z automation”,

A Warm, Untapped Area For SaaS Products

Surely we’re in the early stages of this industry called “influencer marketing”. It’s far from maturity and, in fact, it’s

Spotify’s Freemium Meant Good Business Sense

Spotify was in a tough situation. They entered a market where freemium was not only the modus operandi — read:

An Unusual Place To Get SaaS Product Inspiration Ideas From

Geographical intellectual transfer. That’s what today’s article is about. If replications of Uber or what have you seem to not

How A SaaS Company Should Approach Their Target Market

The idea of today’s world is to give. If you’re a cynical person, fine, don’t look at it as “making

Trying To Scale A SaaS Product Faster? Read This.

This above is exactly how Uber’s website looked like in March 2010 — just a simple map and as much

Cold Calling Is Over. Do This Instead.

There are things to be added to the “Future of Freemium” cornerstone piece, which I will do after this is

SaaS Companies Reducing User Churn — The Fundamental Rule

I don’t know the exact quote but it goes something like “If you want to change the world, start with

Why You Should Build A Product That’s Not Going To Make Millions

Founders don’t want to build small products because they are not “a $100M business”. Maybe they’re not “the next unicorn”,

One Better Way To Grab People’s Attention On A SaaS Website

Here’s one thing to be added to the pile of articles regarding the headline on your SaaS’s website. Simply say