No Startup Should Sell “Self-Surgery” Tools

People want the cure, not the scalpel.

So if your product’s page headline says “Tool for X Y Z automation”, then you’re in the business of selling scalpels.

No one likes to do surgery on themselves. And as a matter of fact, there’s a huge price gap between selling a scalpel and selling the cure. Yes, it’s harder to sell the cure but… you get to improve with every surgery you make.

That’s why the first ones are free and as a mock.

Then, of course, you can have social proof — the mocks that were successful.

So you get better and better if you’re selling the cure, whereas if you’re selling the scalpel, the patient (now doctor for one time) uses it once, at most twice and that was it.

All the errors and the risks are reiterated with every single self-surgery.

Do the world a favour and sell the cure.

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