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A Startup Married To A Media Company — A Match Made In Heaven

Media companies withhold the attention of the people. They focus on whatever makes the eyeballs turn into their direction. That’s

Why You Will Fail If You Go Straight For Your “World-Changing Idea”

Two days ago I’ve put out a preview to an unreleased long-form written piece. I’ve also promised I’ll release it

How To Build A “Winner Takes All” SaaS Product

When you look at the car industry, you’ve got options. From Vauxhall to Maybach and from Smart to Ferrari. The

Why Is Unscalable Work The Answer For SaaS Products?

SaaS product means “scale”. MailChimp, SalesForce, Dropbox or Adobe — all huge because of their scale. The thing is: that’s

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The SaaS Network Effect: Lessons from Slack’s IPO

Frequent readers of this blog will know about my obsession with the SaaS network effect. In truth, it’s an ideal

How A SaaS Company Should Approach Their Target Market

The idea of today’s world is to give. If you’re a cynical person, fine, don’t look at it as “making

Cold Calling Is Over. Do This Instead.

There are things to be added to the “Future of Freemium” cornerstone piece, which I will do after this is

Why Lifetime Pricing For SaaS Products Is The Worst Idea

There’s no “lifetime” pricing when it comes to SaaS products. It’s 100% a practice of the past. Why? Because we’ve

How To “Listen To What Your Users Are Doing, Not What They’re Saying”

I was discussing with a fellow reader their team’s situation of applying for venture capital. As we were conversating back

How To Handle Objections As A SaaS Company

Being aware of your users’ objections (especially if they’re not paying users yet) goes a long way. Mind you, the

SaaS Companies Reducing User Churn — The Fundamental Rule

I don’t know the exact quote but it goes something like “If you want to change the world, start with

One Better Way To Grab People’s Attention On A SaaS Website

Here’s one thing to be added to the pile of articles regarding the headline on your SaaS’s website. Simply say