Why Lifetime Pricing For SaaS Products Is The Worst Idea

There’s no “lifetime” pricing when it comes to SaaS products.

It’s 100% a practice of the past. Why?

Because we’ve seen a lot of products have ‘lifetime’ pricing methods, only to have them abandoned by the creators after a couple of years.

By charging only monthly/yearly, creators have an incentive to keep on updating/upgrading the product.

It’s more of a fairer agreement between the buyer and the seller. Yes, it may look nice on paper to pay $299 for that VPN or whatever product. But it’s a self-defeating mechanism.

I personally automatically disqualify a product when I see “lifetime pricing” methods on a SaaS website. I can’t truly expect the person to make the software better if I paid once and that was it.

It’s a rookie mistake that would ideally not apply to most readers of this blog, but it has to be mentioned. There are exceptions, of course, but 99.9% of the time lifetime subscription is a no-no for a SaaS product.

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