What’s In A Profitable Software Product?

I like to think of software products as something you do once, just so that the global number of minutes/hours/etc spent on this issue is decimated.

As I said in “How To Find A Profitable Startup Product Idea” — if a lot of companies would need to develop this solution from the ground, then it’s worth building a product. 

If everyone in the world must spend 300 hours to make an e-commerce website, you spend 3000, call it Shopify and launch it.

Then it’s just an endless quest of making it better.

The key to either:

  1. Finding a product like this to build
  2. Upgrading what you currently do?

A simple answer: more responsibility. The more responsibility you adopt, the more “hours” you’ll save across the globe — and the more valuable your product will be.

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