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SaaS Companies Can Beat Their Competition By Doing This

If Big Cartel and Shopify can both exist, so can you, along with your competition. Though it’s a bit deeper

How Can A SaaS Get Instant Fame Through ProductHunt Or Reddit?

No amount of upvotes on Reddit or ProductHunt is going to help you, a SaaS company, “make it”. Not even

the network effect user acquisition

A Perfect Example Of The Network Effect For SaaS Founders

Here’s yet another example of the network effect I talked about in-depth some time ago. SaaS founders can definitely learn

Is It Ever Too Late To Change A SaaS Product?

It’s never too late to start implementing change. There’s enough wealth under the sun for all of us. Someone else’s

dinner with a billionaire

How A SaaS Founder Can Get Close To A Billionaire

Who are you trying to reach and what do they need. This should be the mantra of a SaaS founder.

The Future Of Freemium: How To Get People’s Attention

This is absolutely for you if you’re selling something (product or service) and you want more users/clients. If you have

How To Come Up With An Idea For The Next Tech Unicorn

The simpler your product’s concept is, the easier it will be to explain it to people. I need to quickly

Why SaaS Companies Should Build Communities With Their Users

Community building. Because of the world we live in (i.e. the internet era), there’s a plethora of meanings you can

What Matters More Than Funding, Ideas Or Even MAU Numbers

You already know the answer. You’ve heard it before. Here’s another perspective at why execution is above everything. We look

How/When Should A SaaS Product Pivot?

YouTube started as a dating website — they just brushed the idea off after no one uploaded a video after

How To Make Your Product Stupidly Simple (And Profitable)

Having someone say “That’s so simple even I, not knowing anything, could have done it. Why are you paid so

Why There Are Two Types Of SaaS Founders

Being a science-oriented founder and focusing all the time on the functional aspect of your product might be harmful. Yes,