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Why You Will Fail If You Go Straight For Your “World-Changing Idea”

Two days ago I’ve put out a preview to an unreleased long-form written piece. I’ve also promised I’ll release it

Google Doesn’t Have The Best Answer For Your Question — And That’s Good News For You

I believe it’s hard for Google to do its job even today, 20 or so years after their product has

Building This Brings You Not Only Money, But Also Life Purpose

There’s a shift in the market. Smart companies have started doing something really daring: dropping some sectors of their company,

How To Build A “Winner Takes All” SaaS Product

When you look at the car industry, you’ve got options. From Vauxhall to Maybach and from Smart to Ferrari. The

More SaaS Products Like These Will Be Released In The Future

SaaS products, so far, have been for techies. SaaS products are utility tools — and who cares about utility tools?

Slack And Discord: SaaS Positioning Lessons In The Best Form

Slack and Discord are, at their core level, the same product. They’re both an IRC solution adapted to today’s world,

Create A Product Around What You Need? It Could Be The Worst Idea

I’ve got a window in my house. It’s a special window and that makes it valuable. But in the way

Want Your SaaS To Reach 9 Digits in ARR? Do This.

Everyone SaaS is pursuing scale. Every SaaS CEO has read stories about Uber/Airbnb/some other unicorn and said “Yes, that’s what

The 9 “Thoughts” That Will Keep You Mentally Sane As A SaaS Founder

Mental health — the next frontier SaaS founders are looking at.  And when I say that, I don’t mean “founders starting mental

Remind Yourself When It’s About The Marathon, Not The Sprint — And Vice-Versa

I’m writing a bigger written piece which will probably be done over the next couple of days. It’s meant to

If Makeup And Bottled Water Still Exist, Your SaaS Can Be “Marketed”

Makeup is just “body paint” marketed properly. Yes, it’s not body paint. It’s “making you look more beautiful”. Or making

Why Is Unscalable Work The Answer For SaaS Products?

SaaS product means “scale”. MailChimp, SalesForce, Dropbox or Adobe — all huge because of their scale. The thing is: that’s