A Preview to “Do A Job As Deeply As You Possibly Can”

This is part of a longer piece that will be released soon. I’m uploading here an excerpt as a preview.

I hope it captures a part of the bigger piece’s essence and, as always, I’ll link here the long-form post when it’s out

There are chances that the industry in which your SaaS product is operating is new. And new can mean anything from “born 5-8 years ago and younger”.

If the industry you’re operating in is young, two things can happen:

  1. Either no one has set the “standard” for multiple things
  2. Someone did, but since they were alone in this “setting the standard” operation, they didn’t do it in a 100% manner. Why? Only competition puts pressure on us to overperform, most of the time.

That means you can take upon this huge responsibility and set the standard. For instance: the influencer industry is young. Buzzwords go around, such as “microinfluencer”, “nanoinfluencer” etc.

There’s no standard set in the industry so as to show what interval of number of followers places you in which category.

That’s the kind of “standard” I’m highlighting today. You, through your company, can set the standard on a plethora of things, if your industry is young.

It’s significantly easier to say it than to do it. And as I said in point #2, you might do a half-job if you’re alone.

So make sure you do it 100%. As you’re doing it, you might think “But there’s anyways no one doing it, so I can skip it for now… Once they come and IF they dethrone me, I’ll make it better”.

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