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There Are Things More Valuable Than Money (For SaaS Companies At Least)

If you’re in the 80s or 90s and you see in movies the fact that sharks are instantly attracted to

If You Believe We’re Still In The IT Era, Move Along.

If you believe we’re still in the IT era, move along. The truth is, as I’ve previously mentioned a couple

How To Create A Company For A Reason Other Than Financial Gain

Galileo was on the verge of being killed because of his beliefs and we’ve somehow managed to uncover his thinking

What SaaS Companies Can Learn From Franchisees

Your business is as good as a rating on a scale from 0 to 1. That’s the core of it.

What’s In A Profitable Software Product?

I like to think of software products as something you do once, just so that the global number of minutes/hours/etc

The Written Piece That May Not Make Sense At All. Plus Life Purpose For Entrepreneurs.

Aiming at creating something as big as Facebook/IG/Uber etc is cool. Most of us (founders) wouldn’t mind it. Some founders

A Warm, Untapped Area For SaaS Products

Surely we’re in the early stages of this industry called “influencer marketing”. It’s far from maturity and, in fact, it’s

Smartphone Will Be Handed Out For Free At Some Point In The Future

Good news, fellow readers — inspiration hit today as well. There’s this longer written piece I’ve put together today which

A Reminder For Every CEO Out There

Today’s just a reminder. A reminder that, if funds allow it (and funds more often than not allow it), you

How To Find Your Mission As A SaaS Company

Mission-driven companies tend to perform better. At the same time, that’s just one advantage a company can have, in a

Google Doesn’t Have The Best Answer For Your Question — And That’s Good News For You

I believe it’s hard for Google to do its job even today, 20 or so years after their product has

A Preview To An Unreleased Long-Form Written Piece

Hey readers, First of all I want to thank you if you’re seeing this. It’s been 7 months since I