How To Find Your Mission As A SaaS Company – Part 2

Continuing yesterday’s article thread, I believe running a mission-driven company also has an impact on the personal level.

If you’re the CEO then you’re pretty much the bottom line of the company, meaning you’ve got no one to turn to and say “What do we do now?”

Having a mission though requires a bit of creativity and some would say a childish attitude — “I’m here to do this”. It doesn’t have to have the childish aspect, rather it might be simply what guides your everyday actions.

And when you’ve decided what has guided your everyday actions, you’ve carved it in stone. The advantage of doing that? When you’re at the bottom of the company with no one to turn to and ask “What now?” — you’ve got this.

You’ve got the “north star” of your company to ask “What now?”.

It’s something you’ve sent yourself. You from the past sent it to you in the present moment, who’s dealing with a cumbersome problem — the guiding principle of why your company does that it does.

Last but not least, I think it also has to do with life purpose, but that’s for another day.

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