How To Find Your Mission As A SaaS Company

Mission-driven companies tend to perform better. At the same time, that’s just one advantage a company can have, in a sea of different special traits.

Nonetheless, for some people it’s easier to “pick up on a mission”, since it’s likely to have been in them the whole time.

Say if your SaaS has been helping SMBs do their finances better, maybe that’s what your mission is: helping SMBs get off the ground faster.

The beautiful thing is, sometimes you’re not alone in this mission. And if you’re looking to sell your company at a later point, then there are higher chances that a bigger company with the same mission would like to acquire you.

MailChimp has this mission: to help SMBs get off the ground faster. Eventually, I’m sure they will integrate something around finances, if their plan becomes a reality.

And that’s how you two connect — especially if your mission is clearly stated on your SaaS’ website.

I know, some people are cynical and believe the mission bit is just a PR version of “Why do I want to make money with this company” — but it doesn’t have to be like that.

More on this tomorrow.

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