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More About Why The Name Of Your Company Doesn’t Matter In 99.99% Of The Cases

I wrote before about how one can choose the name for their SaaS company: One of the ideas, in a

A Common Mistake That Costs SaaS Companies $1,000,000 Or More. And How To Avoid It (A Follow-Up)

This is for people who have read yesterday’s piece and are at an earlier stage through their SaaS company. As

A Common Mistake That Costs SaaS Companies $1,000,000 Or More. And How To Avoid It

When it comes to logos, there’s a culture to every industry/field. Corporate is usually blue. Nature/ecological/environmentally-aware companies are… green —

What SaaS Companies Can Learn From Kitchen Towels

Here’s how “ultra absorbing kitchen towels” can equate to “product management SaaS tool”. There are two recurring themes in my

How To Find The Best Name For Your SaaS Company

You know that feeling: what freaking name should I give my SaaS company? You probably want a name that will:

Here’s How You Should Talk About Your SaaS Product

Which one of two would you prefer? “Fixing your watch” or “screwdriver”? Which one of them makes you spend more

Here’s How A B2B SaaS Can Become More Profitable

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned there’s a second way to shift how your website helps your SaaS product’s sales.

Don’t Fall Into THIS Trap Of Presenting Your Tech Product

On a global scale, we’re drowning in information — and every day it gets “worse”. I wouldn’t call it “worse”

Tech Founders, Will You Please Pay Respect To This?

You need to pay more respect. Respect towards the place/platform. On LinkedIn 1-2 liners work tremendously. People write motivational ideas

How To Get More Personal With Your Users As A Tech Company: The “Tailored Web Design” Concept

Reducing the number of users who unsubscribe? Therefore decreasing lost revenue? Yes please. —— Yesterday’s article was about traditional marketing

Vanity Metrics Are Glitter. Real Numbers Are Gold. Which One Do You Show?

SaaS CEOs, Numbers, numbers, numbers. Numbers don’t lie, only people do. Therefore, we like looking at numbers as they tell

No, Your User Is Not The Dumbest. How To Stop Losing Customers Along The Way.

What I’ll be writing about today is something happens to you all the time. I was using an online service