What SaaS Companies Can Learn From Kitchen Towels

Here’s how “ultra absorbing kitchen towels” can equate to “product management SaaS tool”.

There are two recurring themes in my post:

  1. Addressing an issue, not a tool
  2. Direct/self-selective speech

Here’s one quick example for a Sunday. Shopping for groceries, you might encounter what I’ve encountered: kitchen towels that are “specially made for ultra absorption”.

I needed some. I wasn’t aware of how the packaging looked on the ones I chose months ago, so I thought it’s something new. Got them on the spot — hell yeah that’s what I want, fast absorption, in case I spill something.

The “catch”? As soon as I get home and open them, they’re the same thing I got months ago. I know because of the smell and the way they look.

What’s the lesson for SaaS companies?

Once again, I’m bringing to your attention a product that highlights the problem it solves. I would’ve looked at something else, if they were just “kitchen towels”.

I didn’t bat an eye at anything else once I saw the ultra absorption thing — and that’s not necessarily the only use case for them.

So if at the top of your website there’s a big headline saying “Product management tool” instead of “Make more time for the work that matters most” or “Trello lets you work more collaboratively and get more done”, then people might bat an eye at you ONLY if there’s no problem-solving alternative.

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