Does Your SaaS Behave This Way Or Is It Losing The Opportunity?

It’s been some time since we haven’t spoken about positioning and speech for SaaS companies.

We’ve been talking about selectivity when it comes to SaaS companies and I haven’t done something in that article which I have done in the “How should a SaaS logo look like?” article:

Giving a quick-to-digest litmus test which you can place against the way your SaaS company manifests itself.

And here’s the litmus test for your SaaS company and the way it behaves: do you ever say the following?

I think you would be better served by someone else rather than us. Here, let me introduce you to X.

Naturally the second sentence would come only if you know someone — but the main point is about being selective. Not forcing yourself to be selective, rather being so as a consequence of positioning yourself so that you’re helping only a certain type of people.

It’s not rocket science, it’s just that it’s against human tendencies to do it.

But then again it’s also against human tendencies to grow a SaaS to 7, 8 or 9 digits in ARR since… you know, not many people have done it.

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