Why SaaS Companies Should Build Communities With Their Users

Community building.

Because of the world we live in (i.e. the internet era), there’s a plethora of meanings you can choose to attribute to these two words together.

The worst case scenario is you pick the least available meaning to you, so that you can brush it off inside your head and say “That’s why I wouldn’t do it”.

Say if you’re a SaaS company that deals with people from the finance industry, indeed, maybe they’re not very likely to spend time on Instagram stories.

So maybe if you match “community building” with what your kids/children have shown you that brands do on Instagram i.e. making polls/quizzes and imagine for a second that community building means doing THAT with your kind of customers, then yes, you can brush it off fast and say “I wouldn’t do that for my users”.

But again, these two words have a lot of possible executions. I’ve written before about the leanest and quickest way to start doing this as a CEO: answering whatever comment/tweet/etc. mentions your company name.

In another article, I took it a step further and analysed another thing that is within hand’s reach of a CEO: building a community with the paying users of your product. Networking, if you want, on steroids.

My point with today’s written piece is to show how it can take different shapes and forms. From email communities to Facebook groups.

Crypto people are centered around Telegram groups.

Visually organized content (like recipes) are centered around Pinterest’s boards.

Once you have a look at where your people spend time, you’re one step closer to building a community with them.

What do you get out of it? True fans. And more often than not, friends as well.

How does that translate into growth? In a few words, fewer people churn and more people stay in for a longer period of time.

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