How Can A SaaS Get Instant Fame Through ProductHunt Or Reddit?

No amount of upvotes on Reddit or ProductHunt is going to help you, a SaaS company, “make it”. Not even if you’re product of the year.

Maybe 1% of the SaaS companies will be riding a longer wave (and please don’t start believing now you’re the 1% because it’s not wise, even if you are) because they cater to ProductHunt’s audience.

No, that’s not what makes it.

What makes you “make it” is the day in and day out. And the lessons you learn during those in-n-out days.

Even if you do break through a specific channel, it’ll all come down crashing, unless you know how to maintain a boost.

And you learn that through the day in, day out.

Don’t believe me? Look at all the so-called overnight successes. And I mean the ones that really don’t have 10/20/30 years of build-up. I mean the ones that really look like an overnight success — how many of them manage to maintain it?

My dear reader, this world has some rules. I don’t know them, neither do you. No one ever will, probably.

But one rule/concept is sure: there is fairness. Yes, there is unfairness in some aspect of your life. But at the end of the day (or the end of your life), it all balances out.

And you, if you’re a SaaS founder, should believe in it more, if you have at least a tiny bit of knowledge in STEM fields. It all balances out.

Life’s no exception. Overnight success is no exception. And the way to have your SaaS company/product have a very-well-done foundation is through… day in and day out.

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