Service Matters As Much As Software For A SaaS Company When Reducing User Churn

Being in the business of software as a service has a component that’s usually forgotten. Many start because of the software part and keep in mind only that. Obviously, the forgotten bit is “service”.

And that’s mentioned so as to raise awareness. To raise awareness means that SaaS CEOs should start looking more at what services companies do, the way they do it and the reason behind the actions they undertake.

The Good

Adobe have offer a hugely important service. They have yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes for their employees and visitors. Nice company image?

Not entirely. A lot of people backlashed when they changed their pricing model, to the point where people start posting stuff like this

The Bad

RyanAir has been voted the worst airline in the UK. Even though they carried over 140m passengers in 2018, over 70% chose them in a list of airlines when they were asked “Which company would you never fly again with?” — bad company image?

Not entirely, since their website is the most visited when it comes to their industry and a spokeperson mentions their numbers have grown by 80% in the last 6 years. Good company image?

Not entirely. There’s been major protests and scandals.

The Bottom Line

Service matters as much as the software. If one’s weak, the other one might compensate. But only to a point. Service matters to both employees and the company — reducing user churn can start with improving on that and not more on software.

P.S: Importantly enough, the title of that “replacing Adobe products” was this. How’s that for user churn?

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