You Definitely Can Teach The World Something.

Nobody knows everything. No CEO, no CMO, no CFO or any C-suite exec.

And assuming they do, they definitely forget from time to time. Top execs are in decision mode at all times, there’s not enough to sit down and “properly” think through everything — sometimes some decisions are tough to make so they require time.

Plus, there are millions of variable factors contributing towards a decision: mood, health status, relationship with the person on the other end, neurochemicals etc.

Cycles come and go — we’ve seen it in tech, we’ve seen it in real estate and surely these are not the first two fields since the beginning of humanity which have gone up and down. Old replaces new. AirBnB replaces Hilton but AirBnB will be replaced as well one day.

Elders know more than youngsters. Still, sometimes elders are wrong and some other times both are wrong.

The consequence? If no person knows everything, then everyone’s got something to learn. In other words, everyone can be taught something.

And you’re no exception. In fact, the odds are in your favour. Now go teach.

Worst case scenario? No one will read/watch your learnings today or tomorrow — so it will be a lesson for older you.

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