What does Chagency do, then?
It’s very easy, nothing’s too complicated. We focus on helping SaaS companies reduce user churn.

We’re not scientists in lab coats (only metaphorically). We’re not programmers or designers. We’re not a design studio or a development company.

We are people who understand that SaaS companies have business goals and, at the end of the day, all they want is to empower their users with more value.

Design, development or consultancy — these are just tools. The medium that gets us from here to there. We use these tools (or others) to help SaaS companies get from “here” to a better “there”, whether that’s a lower user churn rate, higher ARR or improved CLV. Here is our process.
Discovery and Diagnostic
Our trusted process is the result of continuous refinement. In other words, we have done this multiple times and have standardised the procedure of how we start approaching an engagement.

The first step of an engagement would be to understand what the north star is — the goal that's in our collaborators' minds and, more importantly, the reasoning behind it.

Sometimes it happens that we need to go deeper than a certain goal, so as to not encounter a "hydra problem": cut off one head and 3 more will grow. As a trivial example of this metaphor, when a company reaches out to us and asks for help in regards to "building a nicer-looking onboarding process" — that's a hydra.

Fixing that would mean nothing, as 6 months later another more beautiful UI is needed and the problem is still not fixed. The purpose of this phase is to make sure the problem is addressed at its core, not at its surface.
User Mask Sketching
Reducing customer churn starts with your users. By creating their profiles, we’re jointly shaping a multitude of "masks" that will serve us in optimising the value delivery.

These are created so that, eventually, every decision that’s taken is judged by looking through the lenses of these masks.

Having a deep understanding about who a product targets and what is the story of this person led us every time to a better and more focused SaaS journey.
Brand Sculpting
All these together result into the brand’s positioning and how it presents itself. What shape it takes and within what boundaries. Its personality and its physical portrait.

Essentially, what’s happening at this step of the process is the reverse-engineering of what will connect to the power users of your product, those who are most likely to influence other peers into engaging or using your company's outputs.
Having a clearly articulated benefit, competitive advantage and target market (all three of which come as a by-product of the previous steps) easily result into a strong emotional connection that makes your users: engage with the product, fall in love with the benefits of it, spread the word about it to like-minded people around them.

It's highly likely that all these steps are already in the minds of the founders or the C-suite. However, more often than not it turns out that all these ideas are scattered and they're not foolproof once everything is put together on paper.

As soon as all these steps are completed, our diagnostic for the company problem's can be put together.