Bringing life to the way like-minded people connect

A social forum that turned into a community, now at crossroads: to scale safely or in an ambitious, bold manner? Users were okay with the system but okay was just not enough. There wasn’t anything to be loved - so the need was evident: give users something they can love.

Kinkthat partnered with Chagency_ to create a product that users love. This new phase aimed not only to decrease monthly churn, but imbue the existing users with endless possibilities. Formerly a simple forum, Kinkthat becomes now a social platform that cherishes the open-minded.

The Outcome
The Challenge

Kinkthat's vision was creating space so that open-minded people can manifest and express themselves. In a sense, rising up a torch so that a tribe can be born. What happened prior to this partnership meant a place for early-adopters to exist but, as marketing erudites would note, there's a void between this place and the next phase called "The Chasm".

Envisioning Success

Through an in-depth strategy and discovery phase, Chagency_ surfaced the challenges that the former product faced. In practical terms, this phase's purpose was to dive deeper into what the company's value delivery consists of, understanding the open-minded user's perception and contouring its portrait.

During this process, the needs and goals became evident, along with the pain points of the former product and the competitive landscape. This eventually turned into the north star of every decision that was taken from that moment, granting a clear and concise vision.

Brand Sculpting
Key research documents of the strategy and discovery phase
The process of designing the icon for Kinkthat, along with the results and the colour palette

To quantify and organise the business goals, we’ve created a mask for every user profile — a mask that is put on at multiple steps during our process and through which the decisions were judged.

Our findings created 3 profiles based on the most positively impacted users. Explorations went on further to find out about their backstories, needs, wishes, pain points and what would mean exceeding these needs.

Empathy For The Users
"Kinkthat will, then, serve as the space in which human interaction will be facilitated. Every aspect of the designed experience will focus on how one user will either meet or interact with another user."
Ch Daniel, Creative Director, Chagency_

Kinkthat is now ready to truly become a software company. Doing so meant embodying the new long-term vision and a whole different sets of responsibilities.

In other words, "Kinkthat" means more than a simple website consisting of a progressive web app. It represent a company with employees that are heading towards a direction: building the community of open-minded people and facilitating the tribe.

Visual Identity

With the newer and broader range of offerings from the company came a stronger connection between the user and the platform. A progressive web application was developed so that the user-centric designed experience can be had in the browser of any device, be it mobile, tablet or desktop.

All possible paths that a user can take were designed so that she or he would be able to post their thoughts, explore new possible partners, chat or simply follow others. A stronger emphasis was put on group chats, as they’re the stepping stones of today’s connected world.

A Platform for All Needs
Intelligent Interface

A premium interface was designed for a premium product. The more complex a product is, the harder it is to lay elegance between its layout. Chagency_ made sure the UI spoke with elegance, user-friendliness and manifested as an invitation to expressing oneself.

Kinkthat presents itself as a product that shapes the stories that are written inside of it in a fully-scalable way: whatever the narrative is, there’s enough space for magic to happen between two or more people.



Engineering a Thank-You-Economy experience for classy personalities.