“Why Are People Not Paying For My SaaS Product?”

If your pricing system makes you confused, asking questions like “Why are people not ok with paying this much?” then you might be forgetting one simple/fundamental concept.

We’re not paid the amount we deserve. Very rarely this value is synced with what we’re actually paid.

We’re paid based on people’s perception. Their estimate on how much we’re worth.

And that can be influenced by how the product:

  • helps them
  • looks
  • feels
  • resonates with them or their group
  • is shareable or not, maybe people want to show it to others
  • impacts their life

If you’re asking what I wrote in the first sentence of this post, it’s highly likely that you think it’s not a matter of “how much it helps” — the utilitarian value is there, you believe.

Then the problem might lie in how much people think the product is worth. Work on that.

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