There Are Things More Valuable Than Money (For SaaS Companies At Least)

If you’re in the 80s or 90s and you see in movies the fact that sharks are instantly attracted to human blood, you take that as a fact. You might say “I learned about it in a movie”.

However, it’s 2019. And now there’s Google, Quora and whatnot — you can actually “fact check” it.

“Fact check” is the confirmation that we’re in another period of time than we were a couple of years ago. In the past, you might’ve said:

You’ve heard it in a movie? Must be pretty accurate — it’s the best we’ve got, so it’s probably true

But that simply doesn’t hold water anymore in a 2019 world.

And apparently, the idea that sharks are just attracted to human blood in water and instantly dropping whatever they were doing to hunt that? It’s a bit of a… myth.

I’m sure a lot of people still consider this idea a fact. And it’s normal — it’s another step in our evolution. However, if they’re really curious, they will find the truth — or at least what’s deemed as common knowledge today.

We’re not in the IT era anymore. Many things are more valuable than information — it’s time we adapt our products to it.

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