The Fastest Way To Read Your Users’ Minds.

Look at their eyes. Analysing your experience’s performance starts with your user’s eyes. Be it a store, app or website, it’s about what they do and how they do it.

If you’ve built something for someone, I want you to go put it in front of them and have a look at their eyes as they rapidly assess what you’re giving them. Most preferably not friends, as the result can be biased.

You’ve got a store experience, something that will start the process of loyalty building. Go inside, find a seat from where you can see the entrance and have a look at your user’s eyes.

You’ve built a SaaS for someone. Find a nice cozy place, put it in front of them and look at their eyes. If possible, record it so you can see both their eyes and the screen at the same time. Or the cursor movement.

You’re selling something. Put it in front of them and see how they behave. Then rearrange it. See how they behave then. Call it A/B testing, split testing or whatever name you like. But make sure you pay attention to them.

There are two key elements here though:

  1. Don’t do it 2 or 3 times, call it a day and come up with something not useful or nothing at all. Doing it over and over again will reveal something eventually. This is most of the times paired with your level of self-awareness — how able are you to reveal insights from the inside?
  2. I’d be very picky about who it is that’s being shown. I’m sure you’ve heard it before and have applied this concept but most of us tend to forget from time to time, so I’ll simply note it to remind it: your product is for a user. Or two. Or three. These are the archetypes of your power user. It better be them whose eyes you’re analysing, not your employees/friends (unless they are the people for whom the product was made).

P.S: This concept can be applied to anyone, from a SaaS CEO to a farmer’s market vendor. And it’s the basis of marketing/media companies. Where are the eyes pointed at? Because that’s where we’re headed.

 What did you look at at first?

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