It’s Lonely At The Top For The CEO

When you’re CEO, it is you who’s responsible for everything. More specifically, when things go wrong. Even if it’s something done by an employee 6 spots away on the hierarchy tree. It was under your lead and you should take responsibility.


Simply because in the first place it can be controlled by you. You can’t control what someone in the company does but you can control whether they’re on your team or not. Same way a coach is responsible for the team’s successes and losses. If you’re the orchestra man, you better make sure it goes perfectly.

And if it does go wrong, I might suggest taking it on yourself.

It might feel alone, it might be more stress on the #1 person than the rest but it’s the price to be paid when you’ve got the handle in your hands.

Whether we like it or not, we all must be CEOs for at least one thing: our life. Some don’t accept it, some ignore it even though it’s in front of them — I suspect you’ve embraced it given that you’re also leading another structure: a company.

But hey, all those who got “their life together” have one thing in common: they are aware that it’s up to them to be accountable for what happens. Good or bad. It’s easy to account for good things, yet when one starts accounting herself/himself responsible for bad things, that’s what’s commonly called “wisdom”.

For life it makes sense. Why wouldn’t it make sense for the company?

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