If You’ve Ever “Failed” As An Entrepreneur, This Is For You

Med school students have to go through a decade and a half (in some cases) of studies and practice — until they can call themselves doctors.

For lawyers, even though the requirement of university years is not as high, you will definitely need to be grinding for some years until you’re established on your own feet.

When it comes to entrepreneurship? The equation is pretty simple: show us what you got. Today, tomorrow, in a year or even in 10.

As soon as you’re ready, try your hand. Doesn’t work? Try again.

The only thing is this: when we fail in our first, second and third attempt at building a company, a large majority of us think of giving up or ask themselves whether it is for them.

We like to think of a successful entrepreneur right there next to a doctor. In other words, a professional who never stops improving and who has achieved something.

Yet we forget to compare the 11 to 15 years of training until a doctor is able to practice properly.

Or the I-don’t-know-how-many-years until a lawyer is able to do that.

Entrepreneurship is not a profession. But it’s time we draw some parallels that give us not the “chance of failure”, but the chance of “years of training”.

And if the business works perfectly from the first try or in a span that’s shorter than 11 years? Congrats, you’ve got it.

You may just be needed to complete your years of training in another area in life, as a consequence. Who knows.

But there are years of practice and keeping that in mind should balance your wrongdoings.

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