If You Believe We’re Still In The IT Era, Move Along.

If you believe we’re still in the IT era, move along.

The truth is, as I’ve previously mentioned a couple of times (but probably not expanded as much as I should have), that’s a thing of the past.

Big companies have moved over it for quite some time. Maybe today’s written piece is simply another way to put forward the idea of “The Future Of Freemium”

Or maybe “The Future Of Freemium” is another way to put forward the new era that we’re in.

When you hear “data”, you might think about the stigma that’s around this word today.

But data is more than the controversies that are in the media today. Data can simply mean aggregating a certain user profile in one place — then using this mini-party that’s hosted there to do something more.

Data, in fact, is more important than information.

Why? It’s very straightforward and it makes sense: in this sea of information that all of us are generating every day, there has to be a more efficient way of getting to your answer/utility.

And this is old news. Facebook and Google have been around for over 15 years because they’re doing this.

But they’re the big guys. Somehow, people outside the big-guy-level still don’t adapt to this model and charge $9/mo instead of doing something grander.

Sometimes it makes sense to charge those 9, 29 or 99 per month — the short-term capital is needed a lot of times. But maybe you can have a bigger, grander goal.

The IT era is dead. Long live the DT era.

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