How To Get More Leads As A SaaS Company Without Spending Money

Got this question the other day and since it was a private message, I went for a surface-level-explanation. Here’s how to get more leads as a SaaS company in 3 easy steps

  1. I’d think of who would be the most benefitted while using my product.

Surely since you’ve developed a product for someone, you have a brief idea of who that someone is. The deeper you go with this profile of this “someone”, the easier it will be for you.

Yes, it’s against human nature. Yes, it’s why most companies fail and why you can succeed — because you’ve got the guts to select a very precise audience.

2. I’d find out where they spend their time.

Maybe it’s Reddit. Maybe it’s Hacker News or Indie Hackers (this is where SaaS owners spend their time). Or maybe the place doesn’t exist — yet.

Hint: if it doesn’t exist, it means that there’s way more upside for you. Read this.

And now it makes sense why the deeper you go with step 1, the easier it is to define where this person spends time. If you’d go as broad as “student”, it could mean a lot of things. If you go as specific as “university fresher, female, aged 18 to 19 who’s into make-up and sweets” then it makes sense that a lot of her day will be spent on Snapchat and Instagram.

3. Wherever they spend time, I’d go right there and become part of the community. 30 to 70 times a day.

You would need to approach it carefully since you’re selling to them. I’d approach it by joining the community and not selling for a long period of time, until the sales happen just by them knowing who you are. That’s my take on it, yours might be different.

Help them, “become a member of their community” doesn’t mean “hey this is me”.

If you drop 30 to 70 comments a day (a lot, I know, but we said no money, so you have to put in time then), comments that are relevant, mind you — they will see your profile. And wow, what have you. You’re selling exactly what they might be needing for (since you’re in the right community).

That’s how I’d go about it without spending money. It’s the most efficient way in the age we live in.

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