How/When Should A SaaS Product Pivot?

YouTube started as a dating website — they just brushed the idea off after no one uploaded a video after 5 days.

Did the pivot make sense for them? It sure did, since a $1.65 billion buyout happened for them — which today makes Google own the top 2 search engines.

What’s the point here? There’s a lot to unpack, more than a hundred word article can do, but here’s one: pivoting (especially for a SaaS company) can happen only if you’re able to drop whatever attachment there is.

Maybe it’s on you, on the cofounder or even on the employees. It’s easier to say how you should look yourself in the mirror and assess the current situation.

Way harder to do it. But here’s the deal: we also never hear about those who didn’t pivot and maybe could’ve invented the next big thing.

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