Building This Brings You Not Only Money, But Also Life Purpose

There’s a shift in the market. Smart companies have started doing something really daring: dropping some sectors of their company, so that micro-agents can take care of them.

In practical terms, it might have began with remote working, though that’s not a direct example of it.

A direct example is the freelancing or gig-economy engagements you’re familiar with (at least in theory). But Lush cosmetics, a daring company, dropped their Instagram profile.

And their micro-agents are the very-familiarly-named micro-influencers. They figured out that taking the money they’d be spending on maintaining their Instagram image would be better invested in influencer marketing, since there’s still space for scale.

It’s part of the movement that the freelance economy started — and it’s not only “creative services freelancing” that I’m talking about. The discussions includes the Uber, Airbnb classics, but also Flippa or Honeybook.

It’s started and it’s still a baby. The idea is simple:

Enable people to earn through doing what they like and you’ll benefit.

Both financially and spiritually, since that’s a good life purpose direction to have.

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